Exceptional Service with a Touch of Whimsy

Southern hospitality and personalized service abounds in our shoe-themed boutique hotel located in the historic downtown River District.

For regional business and leisure travelers seeking a break from the norm, our urban chic Lynchburg hotel is a warm, sophisticated retreat that sparks curiosity. We win the hearts of our guests by enveloping them with comfort and immersing them in a story. In an era of "always-on" we are experts at creating space for rest, connecting with others, and pursuing personal interests. 

We offer a host of shoe-themed amenities & services that ensure an elevated hospitality experience during your stay. Enjoy everything from complimentary European-style continental breakfast to concierge service, pet-friendly accommodations, and high-speed internet access. You can also keep fit during your stay with a visit to Lynchburg's downtown YMCA. We promise you unparalleled care, comfort, style, and a bit of fun in everything you experience.