Academy Center of the Arts

Come to the Academy Center of the Art in the heart of Lynchburg. Witness how they use art to spark imagination, self-expression, thoughts, and engagement within a community. It is the center of creativity in Central Virginia. Don't miss your chance to be entertained and educated in theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts. Visit the galleries that are exotic and intriguing. Attend your choice of art classes that are stimulating and enlightening. Be part of entertaining and captivating theatrical events. The Academy Experience knows no boundaries and has something exciting to offer every visitor. 


Monday to Friday 12 - 5 PM
Depends on the Event


  • Virtual Shows
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Art Exhibition


  • Art Classes
  • Gallery Exhibitions
  • Supporting Local Arts
  • Pottery Workshops
  • Family Saturday
  • Photography Classes